Embryonic vs adult stem cell research

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Next What are the goals of the Vatican stem cell meeting and why no press releases so far? Embryonic stem cells, on the other hand, have triggered enormous debate due to the destruction of an embryo following cell extraction. When looking at the advantages of the use of stem cells to help cure… 23 October Both of these research types are very similar, but there are also differences between the two that make one research type more beneficial in certain situations. Another serious consideration is that the idea of using stem cells from human embryos or human fetal tissue troubles many people on ethical grounds. Development Potential Adult stem cells are generally less flexible and versatile than embryonic stem cells.

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Effect on Recipient's Immune System Adult stem cells hold a distinct advantage in that a patient's own cells are identified, isolated, grown and transplanted back into the patient.

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Terrible article with no substantiation, justification, or rationale for its claims. Embryonic stem cells are capable of almost unlimited division, or proliferation, when placed in a culture whereas adult stem cells do not multiply so readily. What are stem cells? These potential weaknesses might limit the usefulness of adult stem cells. Embryonic stem cells may be preferential for their differentiation when, way down the road, scientists learn how to protect against their volatility. Where can I find information about patents obtained for stem cells?

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embryonic vs adult stem cell research
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embryonic vs adult stem cell research
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