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Also used by Taki in the SoulCalibur games. In the V for Vendetta graphic novel, Heyer dies after his throat is slashed, but manages to take his assailant with him. Done very brutally in one of the infamous "Bad Endings" from School Days. Big Daddy from Kick-Ass does this to a mook in the warehouse raid scene. In " Chinga ", one character gets her throat cut by a broken phonograph record. In the book The Five Fingers about combat in Vietnam, the author mentions that the "commonly known" way of cutting a throat, by slashing across it, does not work if you wish quick, silent killing. Hush Clayface, pretending to be Jason Todd though later retcons make out Jason to have been involved in the plot meaning it may have actually been Jasonslashed Tim Drake 's throat after kidnapping him, though the wound wasn't as deep as most of the examples on the page and Catwoman bandaged it up pretty quickly.

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It's a rare case when the victim doesn't end up dead, though she was immediately rushed to a hospital and bears an ugly scar afterwards.

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Slashed Throat

A Throat-Slitting Gesture is pretending to slit your own throat when heartening someone with death or punishment. The Sniper does too, in a sense. This is Jack-of-Smiles ' usual preferred method of killing. Lennon had his throat sliced by Sayid Happens a lot on Legend of the Seeker. Since his head wasn't cut off, he didn't die, but neck wounds don't heal properly on Immortals, so he was stuck with an ugly scar and a messed-up voice. GTS animated animation fancier feed feedfancier fetish furry hd mlp mouth pony swallowed throat tongue uvula vore vore animation youtube. Deathstroke refused, and killed the assassins - but not before one of them severed Joseph's vocal cords.

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girl slit throat movie gif
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girl slit throat movie gif
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