Epidemiology of anal canal cancer

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Immunosuppression Patients receiving chronic immunosuppressive therapy after solid organ transplant are at a higher risk for squamous cell carcinomas of many sites, including the anal canal. Jaiyesimi IAPazdur R. Since then, however, little progress has been made in modifying or improving treatment regimens. Response of metastatic cloacogenic carcinoma to treatment with semustine. Active agents include cisplatin plus 5-FU [ 4445 ], carboplatin [ 46 ], doxorubicin [ 47 ], and semustine [ 48 ].

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OS was no different and the colostomy rate was higher in the cisplatin-treated patients HR, 1.

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The epidemiology of anal cancer.

A population-based analysis of temporal trends in the incidence of squamous anal canal cancer in relation to the HIV epidemic. C-statistic using death from anal carcinoma as the dependent variable for AJCC 6thstaging system was: Seven of eight patients in group 1 experienced severe toxicity necessitating treatment breaks from 1—4 weeks and four of eight patients required admission. HIV-positive patients with anal carcinoma have poorer treatment tolerance and outcome than HIV-negative patients. Most expenditures were related to hospital care, before outpatient care and disability allowance; they were concentrated in the first year of care. Concurrent chemoradiotherapy was recommended.

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